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Canadian Screen Awards



Best Achievement in Casting 2018




CBC (CBC/Netflix)

(Northwood Entertainment)

Stephanie Gorin



CTV (Bell Media)

(JCardinal Productions Inc.)

Jon Comerford


Kim's Convenience


(Thunderbird Entertainment)

Deidre Bowen



CraveTV (Bell Media)

(New Metric Media Inc.)

Jenny Lewis, Sara Kay


Mary Kills People

Global (Corus Entertainment)

(Cameron Pictures)

Susan Forrest, Sharon Forrest

2017  Canadian Screen Awards


Best Achievement in Casting


Kim’s Convenience – “Frank & Nayoung” – CBC (CBC)
Casting – Deirdre Bowen


Frontier – “A Kingdom Unto Thyself” – Discovery Channel (Bell Media)
Casting – Jenny Lewis, Sara Kay

Letterkenny – “Rave” – CraveTV (Bell Media)
Casting - Jenny Lewis, Sara Kay

Schitt’s Creek – “Bob’s Bagels” – CBC (CBC)
Casting – Jon Comerford, Lisa Parasyn

Vikings – “Yol” – History (Corus Entertainment)
Casting – Deirdre Bowen

Canadian Screen Awards


2015 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting


Orphan Black  -  Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion

Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest



2015 Nominees


Sensitive Skin - The Three Sisters
Deirdre Bowen, Pam Dixon


The Best Laid Plans
Sara Kay, Jenny Lewis, Ilona Smyth


Lost Girl  -  In Memoriam
John Comerford, Lisa Parasyn


Mr. D - Parent Teacher Night
Tina Gerussi, Sheila Lane



Canadian Screen Awards



2016 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting


19-2   -  School

Bravo!   (Bell Media)

Robin D. Cook, Andrea Kenyon CDC, Randi Wells CDC, Marissa Richmond CDC


2016 Nominees

 19-2 - School

Robin D. Cook, Andrea Kenyon, Randi Wells, Marissa Richmond


Bitten - Hell’s Teeth

Jenny Lewis, Sarah Kay


Mr. D - Coach of the Year

Tina Gerussi, Sheila Lane


Motive - Six Months Later

Maureen Webb, Colleen Bolton


Strange Empire - The Whiskey Trader

Jackie Lind

Canadian Screen Awards


2014 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting

Bomb Girls ‐ Guests of Honour 

Global (Shaw Media) 

Jon ComerfordLisa Parasyn


2014 Nominees


Flashpoint ‐ Fit for Duty 

CTV (Bell Media) 

Marissa Richmond 


Less Than Kind ‐ Fight and Flight  

TMN/Movie Central (Bell Media/Corus Entertainment) 

Jim Heber, Susan Forrest 


Rookie Blue ‐ Friday the 13th  

Global (Shaw Media) 

Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest 


Saving Hope ‐ I Watch Death  

CTV (Bell Media) 

Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest


Bomb Girls ‐ Guests of Honour 

Global (Shaw Media) 

Jon Comerford, Lisa Parasyn