Working for identity, community, communication and support within the independent casting industry in Canada

Canadian Screen Awards



2016 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting


19-2   -  School

Bravo!   (Bell Media)

Robin D. Cook, Andrea Kenyon CDC, Randi Wells CDC, Marissa Richmond CDC


2016 Nominees

 19-2 - School

Robin D. Cook, Andrea Kenyon, Randi Wells, Marissa Richmond


Bitten - Hell’s Teeth

Jenny Lewis, Sarah Kay


Mr. D - Coach of the Year

Tina Gerussi, Sheila Lane


Motive - Six Months Later

Maureen Webb, Colleen Bolton


Strange Empire - The Whiskey Trader

Jackie Lind

Canadian Screen Awards


2015 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting


Orphan Black  -  Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion

Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest



2015 Nominees


Sensitive Skin - The Three Sisters
Deirdre Bowen, Pam Dixon


The Best Laid Plans
Sara Kay, Jenny Lewis, Ilona Smyth


Lost Girl  -  In Memoriam
John Comerford, Lisa Parasyn


Mr. D - Parent Teacher Night
Tina Gerussi, Sheila Lane



Canadian Screen Awards


2013 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting

           -  Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Sara Kay CDC, Jim Heber, Jenny Lewis CDC


2013 Nominees

The Firm Pilot - Global TV (Shaw Media) - Sharon Bialy CSA, Sara Kay CDC, Jenny Lewis CDC, Sherry Thomas CSA

The Yard - The Economy - TMN / Movie Central(Astral/ Corus)  - Jon Comerford CDC, Lisa Parasyn CDC

Blackstone  Forgiveness  -  APTN (APTN)  -  Rhonda Fisekci CDC

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - BYOBOPE  -  Space (Bell Media)  -  Sara Kay CDC, Jim Heber, Jenny Lewis CDC

Lost Girl - Barometz. Trick. Pressure  -  Showcase (Shaw Media)  -  Lisa Parasyn

Canadian Screen Awards


2014 Winner for Best Achievement in Casting

Bomb Girls ‐ Guests of Honour 

Global (Shaw Media) 

Jon ComerfordLisa Parasyn


2014 Nominees


Flashpoint ‐ Fit for Duty 

CTV (Bell Media) 

Marissa Richmond 


Less Than Kind ‐ Fight and Flight  

TMN/Movie Central (Bell Media/Corus Entertainment) 

Jim Heber, Susan Forrest 


Rookie Blue ‐ Friday the 13th  

Global (Shaw Media) 

Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest 


Saving Hope ‐ I Watch Death  

CTV (Bell Media) 

Sharon Forrest, Susan Forrest


Bomb Girls ‐ Guests of Honour 

Global (Shaw Media) 

Jon Comerford, Lisa Parasyn 


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