Working for identity, community, communication and support within the independent casting industry in Canada


The Casting Directors Society of Canada (CDC) was born in 1981 in response to the need for a collective identity and sense of community among casting directors working independently across the country. It was a means of providing communication and support for everyone.

Interaction within the casting community means better information for everyone, which is the most indispensable tool of good casting. Sharing information allows for an exchange of ideas, more knowledge, better and easier negotiations, and above all, better protection for all our members.


The CDC Constitution guarantees uniform and superior standards and business practices by all members, building an improved level of service for all clients. Our clients come from every part of Canada as well as dozens of countries around the world. They are all treated with the same superior level of service and expertise. CDC members maintain professional and friendly relationships with all agents throughout the country. The CDC shares many common issues and goals with The Theatrical Agents and Managers Association of Canada (TAMAC) and both organizations are signatories to the Entertainment Industry Code of Ethical Conduct and Behaviour. We also both fully support The Actors Fund of Canada, which helps any entertainment industry professionals who are in need of financial aid.