Working for identity, community, communication and support within the independent casting industry in Canada

Who We Are

The Casting Directors Society of Canada (CDC) is the only organization in Canada to represent professional casting directors working in every medium where professional actors are required; film, television, commercials, theatre, industrials, even trade shows. We provide casting expertise in finding candidates for reality television as well as hosts and presenters. We will also work on the casting of non-union projects as required.

Although we are not a union, we have attained the highest level of professionalism which the entertainment industry in Canada expects and requires. Our members are knowledgeable about actors and also about all collective agreements governing the employment of actors throughout the country. That knowledge extends from high budget international co-productions to small independent low-budget films and shorts as well as national and local commercials.

We have members in every region of Canada from coast to coast. We are also represented in the French-speaking market in Quebec.

Who We Are Not

We are not “casting agents.” (In fact, there is no such thing as a “casting agent.”) There are “casting directors” who hire actors, and there are “talent agents” who represent them.

Talent agents are paid by the actors they represent, usually by taking a percentage of their clients’ earnings. Casting directors never receive any money or payment from actors or agents. They are hired by producers to cast their shows and are paid a fee by the producers.

Talent agents are the salesmen. Casting directors are the buyers.