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CDC Diversity Internship Initiative
2023 Applicants

Our Objective:

To offer an opportunity to someone who would like to make a career as a Casting Director and is from a group that is underrepresented and/or faces barriers to entry into the entertainment industry.  This program is open to anyone who is Black, Indigenous, Racialized, LGBTQ2S+, and/or living with disabilities. We are pleased to introduce our 2023 Diversity Internship Applicants:



Cathy Huynh

Cathy Huynh is a Vietnamese-Canadian filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. She received her BFA in Film Production from Simon Fraser University in 2022. Her written & directed work has been screened at Local Sightings Film Festival, Whistler Film Festival, and CineAsian Films. Outside of making films, she aims to gain more experience working in the casting department. She is passionate about telling humanistic stories that also have personal resonance to her as a young Asian-Canadian woman.

CDC - Cathy Huynh
CDC - Maria Pia Perez

Pia Perez

With One Spoon Territory. She is very excited to be working with the CDC in its Diversity Initiative and within the professional realm of casting. She is interested in casting, as a place where she can pull all of her related film experience, emboldened social/political understandings, and creative interests together - both as a representative of the POC community, and a meaningful advocate for it.

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