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PRESS RELEASE - May 25, 2016

The Casting Directors Society of Canada (CDC) is adding its voice to the public call for racial and gender equity in publicly funded films, television and media content in Canada.

The worldwide conversation about racial and gender parity in the film and media industries has reached a fevered pitch. Many studies, including reports on Canadian Media by Women In View show clearly that women and racial minorities are gravely underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera.

The scale of the racial and gender disparity will only rectify itself if direct action is taken. CDC calls on the industry to act together now to encourage Telefilm and CMF (Canadian Media Fund) to fund Canadian Media in a way that represents all of Canada’s very diverse population – First Nations, racial minorities, along with an equitable gender split between women and men.

Co Chair of CDC Marsha Chesley “This issue is too important for us to ignore any longer. We must have clear and decisive action now!”

The Casting Directors Society of Canada (CDC) is the only organization in Canada to represent professional casting directors working in every medium where actors are required; film, television, commercials, theatre, industrials, webseries and video games, as well as contestants for reality television shows.

Mandate The CDC Constitution guarantees uniform and superior standards and business practices by all members, building an improved level of service for all clients. Our clients come from every part of Canada as well as dozens of countries around the world. They are all treated with the same superior level of service and expertise. CDC members maintain professional and friendly relationships with all agents throughout the country and is signatory to the Entertainment Industry Code of Ethical Conduct and Behaviour.

The CDC Executive Co-chairs, Film and Television - Marsha Chesley & Jenny Lewis, Commercials - Brian Levy, Treasurer - Stephanie Gorin, Secretary - Jason Stroud

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